Mabry for Justice

" We need justice in our courts and peace in our streets "

~Maria Teresa Mabry

Why Justice of the Peace?


The Justice of the Peace is from the community and represents the community at all times.

Currently, when South Phoenix residents are sent to court, most “offenses” are property crimes (didn’t have a car seat, broken tail light, etc.) Instead of criminalizing individuals for choosing food on the table vs a tail light, our justice system needs to understand how and why poverty exist and find news ways of engagement through a lens of support and graciousness.

Election Day is August 28th!

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Mabry for Justice is a campaign supported by  local Laveen and South Phoenix volunteers. Every donation is used  for  campaign supplies. 


Together, we go further. Please consider joining our team for kick off events, canvassing , fundraisers, street teaming, and resident networking.

Maria Teresa Mabry for South Mountain Justice of the Peace


Maria Teresa believes in transparency of current policies and procedures that affect the lives of South Phoenix Residents. Providing more spaces for community input through public dialogues and following up with action.  


 Understanding the historical traumas that have caused displacement, lack of quality housing, poor educational opportunities, and more. Staying accountable to those communities on the margins changes the future.  


 Third generation resident from a working class family in South Phoenix with a grandmother working 80 hours a week at the Circle K to pay off her house, the history of the community is centered in every decision. As a Queer, Black, Chicana in Guadalupe, then South Phoenix, Teresa’s multiple identities transcends all sections of the community.  


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